Mining Water Management

Vitrotech understands the need to manage the process and produced water throughout the lifecycle of a mine site to achieve true economic and environmental sustainability. We offer a range of mine dewatering and water evaporation solutions to help mining operators meet the expectations of their stakeholders.

Our evaporation units have the unique ability to evaporate water ranging from pH 2.2 to pH 12, acid water, caustic water, high TDS and TSS, etc. Depending on your climate, our systems can evaporate up to 50% of spray volume as pure water vapour with the remaining volume of non evaporated droplets returning to the feed pond. 

Evaporators Custom

Evaporation solutions are customisable with both skid and trailer-mounted options for easy transportation around the mine site or power plant. Our evaporators can be supplied as a turnkey package and delivered to the site ready for installation. Each package is customised and developed by our engineering team to ensure a solution is deployed that meets our client’s site-specific needs

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