Engineered Thermal Solutions

Cooling Towers

We are deemed by many to be the leading cooling tower specialist in Africa. With decades of experience and backed by industry expertise, we offer engineered thermal solutions for every cooling tower need; from factory-assembled package cooling towers to large field erected cooling towers.

EWK Cooling Tower range

The iconic EWK cooling tower is manufactured in a robust, durable and compact glass reinforced polyester casing.EWK cooling towers have truly stood the test of time and thousands of these units are still successfully operational after many decades of reliable service.

FM Cooling Tower Range

The FM range of cooling towers is a range of multi-fanned factory-assembled cooling towers manufactured in a robust, durable and compact glass-reinforced polyester casing.This range of cooling towers provides high cooling capacity units that are easily transported, installed and maintained.

PLT Cooling Tower Range

The PLT modular range of cooling towers is manufactured in a robust, durable glass reinforced polyester casing.

This range of cooling towers have multiple gear driven fan units and are provided with or without an integrated basin. These cooling towers can be assembled either in the factory or on site (knock down form). These towers are suitable for numerous applications and in the knock down form, lend themselves to be installed in hard to reach area’s such as roofs of buildings, or remote sites.

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